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What is precision reaming


Precision engineering often dictates the precise hole finishing with cutting tools that respect: 

  • High dimensional precision of holes with tolerance grade IT5, IT6 or IT7.
  • Good superficial roughness with Ra values up 0,8 – 1 micron.


High production environments direct: 

  • Hole finishing with rapid cutting data.
  • High reliability and safety in the working process. Today, in high volume production, the machine tools often operate in an unmanned situation, so it is imperative that the components produced observe dimensional accuracy, thereby minimising scrap.


ALVAN® Expanding reamer – The benefits 

  • The ALVAN® expanding reamer supports all the working demands of the previous section.
  • The ALVAN® reamer has multi cutting edges which are set asymmetrically to guarantee almost perfect hole geometry.



  • The ALVAN® reamer is expandable to maintain size tolerance and is particularly useful when regrinding the cutting edges.



  • The ALVAN® reamer can be reground. The reamer can be reclaimed several times depending on the diameter and the condition of the cutting edges (the larger the size the more regrinds possible).           


Our technical department can offer advice and assistance on all aspects of our regrind service.


Cutting parameters


The ALVAN® expanding reamer, thanks to the multi cutting edges, allow feed rates that are not attainable from a single bladed reamer.


The ALVAN® reamer utilizes the most up to date technologies in cutting materials (micrograin hard metals, Cermet, CBN, PKD) and superior PVD coatings (TiN, TiCN, TiAlN), which allow high cutting speeds.


Our highly trained technical department is at your disposal to discuss standard or special applications and to give advice on all our products.




Our comprehensive catalogue is available on request.      


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