About S.C.A.M.I.

The S.C.A.M.I. company was founded in 1973 as a firm specialising in generic mechanical production. 

Taking advantage of its experience in manufacturing components for the Aerospace and Automotive industries along with the deployment of high technology machines and cutting tools paved the transition from sub contract production to the design and manufacture of its own product range of tooling. Today the company exports its products world-wide: Roller Burnishing Tools SCAMI ® BURNISHING TOOLS and Expanding Reamers ALVAN ® REAMER. 

Roller Burnishing Tools SCAMI ® BURNISHING TOOLS 

Roller Burnishing is a cold working process, without chip removal, which results in the production of fine surface finishes. Expanding Reamer ALVAN ® REAMER The Reaming process is based on the removal of material in order to calibrate holes to the dimension and tolerance required with a desired degree of smoothness. The combination of the two products ALVAN ® REAMER and SCAMI ® BURNISHING TOOLSis one of the most advanced technologies in the finishing of holes. 

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